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"As iron sharpens iron,
    so one person sharpens another."

Proverbs 27:17

We Must Help Each Other

Christian woman know many others who are accustomed to the struggle that comes with being in ministry. Non-denominational growth has left ministry spouses, pastors, co-pastors, deaconess, and lay leaders without structured support.  Taking time to network with other female founders can provide numerous benefits that will change your life. When women in ministry empower each other, amazing things can happen. From professional relationships to long-lasting friendships, women who support one another succeed due to these connections.  We encourage you to make time to join and participate in Titus 2 Network.  Blessings are sure to follow.


Your investment of formal training and certification will prove to be an integral part of your professional development. 


Our seminars and workshops are led by experienced facilitators. We encourage a setting for growth and discussion pertaining to our industries and professional goals.

Titus 2 Network

Join us in this opportunity to exchange knowledge, grow your network of informed, interconnected contacts and add valuable to Titus 2.

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When my 15-year-old son, Keith, was a rising 10th grader, I thought he should have learned to employ and master important life skills I had taught all his life. I found myself going through the same admonishments over and over...



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