Now he who supplies seed to the sower and bread for food will also supply

and increase your store of seed and will enlarge the harvest of your righteousness.


– 2 Corinthians 9:10​

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We hope to inspire and encourage you through our many self care products and services. Remember, we must invest in ourselves.

Sheago Cosmetics

Discover the benefits of using vitamin rich, deeply emollient formulas for skin restoration. Our premium line of plant-based body care, hair and oil products will reverse aging and maintain a soft radiant appearance. Love yourself and walk into a better life. You’re worth it!

Church Fashion

Shop the biggest collection for church fashions which includes all the designer church suits, church dresses and church hats. 

Located at 2326 Arty Avenue in the Historic Camp Greene community - is a sacred space herbal tea lounge, designed to support patrons through its restorative peaceful environment. It’s the perfect place to host a meeting or special event. Enjoy our tea and holistic wellness class activities.

doTerra Essential Oils 

There are 188 references to essential oils in the Bible. Frankincense, myrrh, rosemary, hyssop, and spikenard were used for anointing and healing the sick. In James 5:14 Christians are instructed to pray for the sick, anointing them with oil in the name of the Lord.  Oils in ministryshould be high grade and pure. We recommend doTERRA essential oils.  


Refreshing H₂Ohwow! water in the eco-perfect bottle has a compostable outer shell made from a bamboo sugarcane pulp and a plastic liner that is not only 100% recyclable but is biodegradable in landfills. In as little as 5 to 11 years the entire bottle will completely perish and convert to renewable energy in a landfill. H₂Ohwow! Pure No.1 premium spring water is the best bottled water to drink on the go. 

Donna F. Murray, MS, PA-C 

Donna F. Murray, MS, PA-C is a practicing clinician, philanthropist, and a 38- year veteran in healthcare services. Donna has presented at national conferences on topics such as:

• Health Disparities

• Breast Health Awareness 

• Prostate and Colon Health Awareness

• Ethics and Racical Disparities in Medicine

Unveiling Love Anointed Photography is available for weddings, bridal portraits, birthdays and special occasions. They also provide a Mirror Me Photobooth for all occasions.

Unveiling Love Hand & Foot Exfoliate helps to provide smooth soft touches to keep unwanted hardness or dryness from your hands and feet.

Christian Enterprise Management Associates (C.E.M.A.)

C.E.M.A. offers consulting services, technical assistance and spiritual guidance in:

• Leadership Coaching for executives, church leadership, and staffs

• Grant writing & administration

• Ministry Development for Community Impact

• Women’s Empowerment Development

• Conference & Special Events Planning

Apostle Linda Kirkland

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Prophetess Lalea King

Lalea is a the author of My Life’s Poetry, Volume I. This book is a collection of all original poetry that she has written, inspired by the Holy Spirit.  Books are also available on Contact her for speaking engagements or to order books. 

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