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SPRING – A Time for Shedding ©

I am captivated by this tree. Its story is one of perseverance and hope, strength, and sacrifice. I see the bricks that tried to contain its power, and the root system that moved beyond boundaries into freedom space. Look at the decades of yesterday that weathered heat and cold of seasons gone past and feel the struggle that forced a release of how it used to be. Imagine the pain of letting go of rings of stress from being planted where someone thought it best, not appreciating the toll a cross path would take on its trunk as it was leaned on it, climbed on, played on, and cut season after season.

Yet, out of a pressurized past comes hope springing through with healthy growth formed from the same DNA and yet brand new. See the space the sapling had to create on the inside to peel away from the how it has always been. Imagine the courage it took to discard expectations and rise strong separating itself from irrelevant brokenness. New limbs are small but full of life and renewed energy. The fresh leaves reach for the sun of a new day happily anticipating tomorrow.

Spring 2021 will be here soon. What do you need to forget, forgive, discard, cast away, rebuke, or detach from to make room for positive, wholesome, empowering growth and development in your life? It’s spring, shedding season. Push through and may God who makes all things possible and beautiful in his time be with you. Amen

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